Keyed Shafts




Keyed shafts are basically mechanical machine elements that are composed of two parts: key and a shaft. The key is used to connect the rotating machine element to the shaft and prevents relative motion between the two parts.

Keyed shafts are important components of mechanical machinery. They are available in different sizes and materials.

• Standard key shaft
Fabricated on standard proportions, these types of keyed shafts are appropriate for OEM and can be used in replacement applications such as motors. Each keyed shaft features a precision diameter and a keyway cut into it for the purpose of reducing torque and vibration between the two parts. The material is cold drawn, grounded and polished.
• Fully Keyed Shaft
They provide a good fit between the key and keyway. It provides tight tolerance and little relative motion between the key and keyway.
• Partially Keyed Shaft
They are prefabricated and do not provide a very good fit between the key and keyway as compared to the fully keyed shafts.


Different materials are used in the manufacture of keyed shafts.

Carbon Steel Grade 1045
This material provides keyed shafts that are superior, tough, vibration free with long service time span. They can be used in secondary operations.


Keyed shafts are manufactured in varying lengths and diameters. There are prefabricated and custom-made keyed shafts that are utilized in various applications.


• Automatic screw machines
• Bolts, screws, pins, studs, and axles.
• Machine parts
• Robotic applications
• Agricultural machinery
• Construction
• Heating
• Ventilation
• Air conditioning
• Maintenance
• Repairs


Our company is offering keyed shafts that are precise and well cut. Our accurate and highly polished key shafts offer little torque and vibration between the two parts. Our dedication to quality ensures a long service life of our products.

We use high-quality materials in the fabrication of our products. Our company does not compromise on quality. From us, you get both quality and quantity.
Our products are corrosion resistant, tough and have excellent strength. We offer a large variety of keyed shafts. They are available in different lengths and diameters. Ranging from small sized to a large keyed shaft, we have all the varieties that you require.

Our keyed shafts are not only of high-quality material but also come at a reasonable price. Our rate list is equitable and we do not charge exorbitant prices like other milling companies out there.
We have a large stock of keyed shafts that are available at any time. You will face no frustrating delays in the product delivery in your contract with us. Apart from standard keyed shafts, we can also customize the product on demand.

For further details, please contact us.

Additional information

Diameter (Inches)

0.625, 0.75, 0.875, 0.9375, 1, 1.125, 1.1875, 1.25, 1.375, 1.4375, 1.5, 1.6875, 1.75, 1.875, 1.9375, 2, 2.1875, 2.4375, 2.9375

Length (FEET)

4', 6'


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